Drum teacher in Limehouse, London E1


snare drum and drum sticks

“When I came to David I was a complete beginner! 16 months in and I have been amazed at my progress. David has a fantastic ability to breakdown technique, demonstrate and teach you what you need to pick things up quickly. The breadth of his musical knowledge is impressive and we have been able to cover everything from rock to jazz. I have been surprised by how he has enabled me to capture the feel of different musical styles whilst all the time improving my technique all the time.

David has made the process of learning and playing songs easy, providing accurate and easy to read transcriptions. He is continually challenging me and his enthusiasm and passion for drumming is infectious. I really enjoy learning with David and I am looking forward to taking my drumming skills to the next level.”


Thierry Clarke




David has been teaching my son, Conor (aged 10), for the past 3 years, always with calm patience, praise and encouragement. His enthusiasm and love for playing is infectious and it is this that has spurred Conor’s enjoyment and motivation to achieve.  Conor was so pleased when he gained a distinction for Rock School Grade 2. Conor really loved recording his music in David’s studio.“David makes the lessons really fun and is a really good teacher.”


Charmaine and Conor O'Neil




"I first picked up sticks about 13 years ago, but only started taking lessons with David about a year ago to help me prepare a difficult track for a gig. I was attracted to David’s style of teaching and continued taking lessons with him. He has been massively helpful in improving my drumming and identifying patterns in my playing and issues with my technique I had never thought of before. In the space of year I have made huge improvements with my coordination, time keeping and overall sound. More importantly the way I think about the instrument has changed enormously and has become much more three dimensional - I now pay attention to a lot more things when playing, and that has helped me develop my sense of groove to an extent I did not think possible two years ago. David has also helped reinvigorate my passion for the drums. His enthusiasm and passion for the instrument have helped motivate me to sit down and practice more. Could not recommend highly enough.”


Kostas Mavrides




"David has improved my feel immensely by helping me get my basic technique spot on.

His approach has been to examine every aspect of my playing and help me develop it into something so much better.

This, alongside the tuition he is giving me on the Moeller technique is having a tremendous impact on my drumming.

After 18 months of lessons with David my style is unrecognisable from when I started."


Gary Maplestone




'My daughter has been a student of David's for two years. I sat in on the first few lessons and was hugely impressed not just by his patience and creativity, but also his emphasis on good technique. My daughter has not lost her enthusiasm since that very first lesson; she works hard and always looks forward to her drum lessons. David chooses a careful mix of the music she loves backed up by essential technical exercises. Highly recommended.’


Jacqueline Saphra




"David is a great teacher, very patient and enthusiastic. His structured approach to teaching has really helped my development and enabled me to play music I never thought I was capable of. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for drumming lessons."


Peter Day




"I started as a complete beginner and feel very lucky to have found David as a teacher. My lessons are structured around exactly what I want to get out of them and I've been making progress steadily while really enjoying it. There are two drum kits in the studio. One thing I really enjoy is playing together as it really helps with my technique. David is an impressive player but also a very talented teacher and I would thoroughly recommend him."


Annie Cruickshank




"David is a very accomplished teacher. His lessons are always well planned and structured towards progression, and of course are lots of fun. As a complete beginner he has built a solid foundation for me to work with and develop good habits. The lessons have boosted my confidence and allowed me to express myself as a musician, whilst focussing on technique and discipline. I would highly recommend David to anyone wanting to improve and enjoy their drumming."


Dan Wright




"I came to David, having learnt as a teenager to read drum notation and play a basic rock groove (but not much else!), with the aim of achieving a competent standard as a gigging drummer. David has built a programme around my existing knowledge, tightening and improving my technique, to increase my feeling of competence and confidence as a drummer. Lessons are very collaborative and David has always been willing to adapt lessons to match my ever-evolving taste in music, and show me how new ideas and better technique can be applied in a practical way. I’m pleased to say that I am now the drummer for a number of bands playing music as diverse as funk to jazz and swing – testament to the way David’s teaching can be applied - and I wouldn’t hesitate to get back into the studio with him for more lessons as my drumming career develops even further.


Steve Owen