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snare drum and drum sticks



Beginners lessons


Do you want to give drumming a try or has playing drums always been your dream?


My beginner classes will give you the tools to play great beats and drum fills along music. We will cover all the basic techniques to get you started and ensure you have control of the instrument from the outset.


You will be amazed how quickly you are able to play along to your favourite songs!


A lot of people ask me if they need to buy a drumset when they start having lessons. Practising on an acoustic or electronic drum set is obviously the ideal scenario.

However, I will show you very effective ways to practise and improve without a drumset. You will obviously come to a stage where your progress is such that it is now time to practise on real drums or practise drumset.


I will help you find the best solution for you which doesn't involve breaking the bank or falling out with your neighbours!



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"David is a very accomplished teacher. His lessons are always well planned and structured towards progression, and of course are lots of fun. As a complete beginner he has built a solid foundation for me to work with and develop good habits. The lessons have boosted my confidence and allowed me to express myself as a musician, whilst focussing on technique and discipline. I would highly recommend David to anyone wanting to improve and enjoy their drumming."

Dan Wright


"David is a great teacher, very patient and enthusiastic. His structured approach to teaching has really helped my development and enabled me to play music I never thought I was capable of. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for drumming lessons."

Peter Day