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snare drum and drum sticks

Advanced/Intermediate lessons



Becoming a better drummer and musician is a lifelong endeavour and improving takes time and dedication.


In order to help students get results, I put a lot of emphasis on technique and concepts whilst always focusing on the musical outcome. Ultimately, my objective is to enable students to develop their own sound and truly be in control and creative on the set.


Over the years, I have created a substantial catalogue of very accurate transcriptions of songs or specific grooves and solos, available for studies. The focus here is to learn the style and feel of a particular drummer and be inspired to incorporate these ideas into your own playing.


I am always open to suggestions and will happily transcribe any songs that you wish to learn.



These are some of the subjects covered:


  > Time: Subdivisions, developing the inner clock and playing with a metronome

  > Feel and groove: being "in the pocket" in a specific style. (recording)

  > Technique: Dynamic control and fluid motions (Gladstone and Moeller techniques)

  > Matched and Traditional grip

  > Concepts

  > Reading/Transcribing

  > Coordination/Independence: 5 way coordination, sound balance, time/feel

  > Rudiments (incl. Wilcoxon solos)

  > Double bass drumming

  > Brush technique

  > Developing a vocabulary: rhythmic and phrasing concepts

  > Odd meters, polyrhythms

  > Chart Interpretation

  > Musical Styles

  > Recording and preparing for live performances

  > Tuning

  > Graded exams (Rock School, Trinity Guildhall)


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