Drum teacher in Limehouse, London E1


"... David has built a programme around my existing knowledge, tightening and improving my technique, to increase my feeling of competence and confidence as a drummer. Lessons are very collaborative and David has always been willing to adapt lessons to match my ever-evolving taste in music, and show me how new ideas and better technique can be applied in a practical way. I’m pleased to say that I am now the drummer for a number of bands playing music as diverse as funk to jazz and swing – testament to the way David’s teaching can be applied..."
Steve Owen, Feb 14

"... David has made the process of learning and playing songs easy, providing accurate and easy to read transcriptions..."
Thierry Clarke, Feb 14

"David has improved my feel immensely by helping me get my basic technique spot on.
His approach has been to examine every aspect of my playing and help me develop it into something so much better.
This, alongside the tuition he is giving me on the Moeller technique is having a tremendous impact on my drumming.
After 18 months of lessons with David my style is unrecognisable from when I started." Gary Maplestone, Jan 2014

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Advanced/Intermediate lessons

Do you need help improving your technique and coordination?
Are you an experienced drummer wishing to be more versatile or wanting to learn phrasing concepts in order to play great solos?

Becoming a better drummer and musician is a lifelong endeavour, and improving certain areas of your playing can certainly take a long time and serious dedication.
The most important thing when you are working towards your goals is to know that what you are practising and how you are practising it, will guaranty results in the future.
Results perhaps even greater than you ever imagined.

Think of it as an investment, you want the best return from dedicating time and energy developing something you are passionate about.
You want to feel it's only a question of time before you are getting the control and articulate what you are hearing with fluidity.

My set up offers a cool environement for learning and enjoying the process.

It's about you playing a great acoustic drum set, watching me demonstrating on a second kit.
During the sessions, we have valuable tools are our disposal, such as slow down software, digital recording and full micing as well as a vast library of tracks or play alongs in many genres.

Over the years, I have compiled a substantial catalogue of very accurate transcriptions of songs or specific grooves and solos, available for studies.
The focus here is to learn the style and feel of a particular drummer and be inspired to incorporate these ideas into your own playing.

I am always open to suggestions and will happily transcribe any songs that you wish to learn.

Ultimately, my objective is to enable pupils to develop their own sound and truly feel in control
on the set.
Be confident and creative is what it's all about when you want to make great music.


I teach all styles and genres, including Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Drum n Bass and Latin.

These are the main areas of studies:

> Time: Subdivisions, developing the inner clock and playing with a metronome
> Feel: groove, being "in the pocket" (recording)
> Technique: Dynamic control and fluid motions (Gladstone and Moeller techniques)
> Matched and Traditional grip
> Reading/Transcribing
> Coordination/Independence: 5 way coordination, sound balance, time/feel
> Rudiments (P.A.S. , Wilcoxon's solos, hybrids)
> Double bass drumming
> Brush technique
> Developing a vocabulary: rhythmic and phrasing concepts
> Chart Interpretation
> Musical Styles
> Recording and preparing for live performances
> Tuning
> Graded exams

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