Drum teacher in Limehouse, London E1

Do you want to play like the great drummers that
inspire you?
Be able to play what you hear and be creative on the drums!


Are you a beginner looking for the most effective and enjoyable way to learn?
Do you want to drum along to your favourite songs?


What do you want to be able to do on the drum set?

> Express yourself creatively and get your technique to a great level?
> Enjoy playing along to the music you love?
> Improve your groove and feel?
> Be more versatile or focus on a specific style?
> Learn to improvise and develop a solo?

I can help you! I have helped many drummers acheive their musical ambitions.

Whether you wish to significantly improve your drumming technique, dream about playing along to your favourite records or simply want to learn the basics, I have over 25 years experience in helping drummers of all abilities to get results with their playing.

Learning to play drums can be challenging!

Have you been trying to learn to play drums from youtube, books or videos?
You'll have probably come to the conclusion that this type of approach is not making a significant impact on your playing.
Even if the material is inspiring at first, the lack of structure and feedback can often lead to confusion and frustration.

It is essential to have someone to give you the right tools and guidance in order to truly improve as a drummer.
Not only will I teach you the key concepts and techniques you need to fulfil your ambitions, but I’ll be there to support you along the way.

Do you want to get real results with your drumming?

> Enjoy the learning process.
> Be motivated and inspired.
> Improve your drumming skills quicker than you ever imagined.
> Build your confidence in a dedicated environement.
> Maximise your practise time.

Maybe you've taken lessons in the past?

Not all drum teachers offer the same standard of tuition.
I have seen many frustrated drummers coming for lessons with folders full of material they couldn't actually play.
Their previous teachers had wasted their time and money by giving them random exercises and failed to properly explain and demonstrate the specific techniques or concepts.
Going from one unplanned lesson to another will only increase frustration and perhaps more importantly, will make you doubt your ability to ever reach your goals.

When you take lessons, you want to make progress and have fun.
Lessons should be tailored to your personal needs and objectives, so you can see that what you are learning always fits into the bigger picture.

When you first come to the studio, we will discuss your goals and previous experience.
I will then put together a lesson plan that will ensure significant progress.
We’ll review the results regularly and make adjustments where necessary.

Book your lesson now or click here if you'd like to contact me.

Are you a parent looking for a drum teacher for your child?
Drumming is fun, interactive and good for children's development.



"... David has been massively helpful in improving my drumming and identifying patterns in my playing and issues with my technique I had never thought of before. In the space of a year I have made huge improvements with my coordination, time keeping and overall sound... I now pay attention to a lot more things when playing, and that has helped me develop my sense of groove to an extent I did not think possible ... David has also helped reinvigorate my passion for the drums. His enthusiasm and passion for the instrument have helped motivate me to sit down and practice more. Could not recommend highly enough.”
Kostas Mavrides

"...David has a fantastic ability to breakdown technique, demonstrate and teach you what you need to pick things up quickly... The breadth of his musical knowledge is impressive... I have been surprised by how he has enabled me to capture the feel of different musical styles whilst improving my technique all the time.
Thierry Clarke

"I started as a complete beginner and feel very lucky to have found David as a teacher. My lessons are structured around exactly what I want to get out of them and I've been making progress steadily while really enjoying it..."
Annie Cruickshank

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